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Reading Buddies

At Lyon Park Primary School we promote a love of reading and encourage all pupils to become really great readers.

Our Year 6 Reading Buddies help the younger children in Year 3 to develop their fluency and understanding in reading.

reading buddies

How has your support helped your buddy’s reading?

‘It has helped him to explain the meaning of words without using actions.’Tharmiga

‘She can now read fluently and can sound out tricky words.’Sneha

‘My buddy has learned to break up long words then read them altogether.’ Muna

‘She is improving each time I hear her read. She has a good understanding of the book.’ Kajane

‘I helped her correct her mistakes and she had fun reading her books with me.’ Riya

Why do you like being a reading buddy?

‘I like being a reading buddy because when I am older I want to be a teacher.’Kajane

‘I like being a buddy because I want to help other people in reading and it is a pleasure to read with him.’ Darshan

‘I like being a buddy because I like to help other children have a good education.’ Riya

‘I like being a buddy so that I can help children with their learning. It makes me happy to help.’Rimjhim

How to be a Great Reading Buddy!

When my buddy can’t figure out a word:

Wait-- give my buddy a chance to figure it out by themselves!

Ask my buddy what would make sense.

Tell my buddy to look for letters, words or patterns that he/she recognises.

Once my buddy knows the word, have him/her reread the sentence!

Talk about what you like – be a good role model!

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Ask Questions

What has happened now?

What words tell you how the character is feeling?

How do you know the door was closed?

What might happen next?  How do you know?

How are they feeling?  How do you know?

Why has this happened?

Where would you find the information about this?

Be positive and encouraging.